How to Read Shy and Confident Women! – Learn Here w/Example Clips! DSLM E-12

Shy girls can be very difficult to read, often they give you absolutely nothing in regards to body language but they still give you some small signs thus giving you reads. Confident girls are pretty simple to read, they are straight and to the point. This is Episode 12 of Does She Like Me? Feedback is welcome and encouraged of course!
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How to Spot the DTF Woman? Ovulation, Behavior, and Apparel – Does She Like Me? E11

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The article this video is based on has been published into a book. Learn all about her behaviors when she wants sex based on her biological needs. This video goes over the DTF woman and the behaviors they tend to exude. Including in this is ovulation, clothing, grabbing attention, and open to an approach.  Does She Like Me? Episode 11

This video is based on this Article.

Never Fail- Always knowing when she Wants to talk to You: (iois) How to read Initial Attraction How do you know a girl wants to talk to you? “Does She Like Me?” Show Episode 10 goes over how to tell if a girl wants you to talk to her. It also has video clip examples showing Attraction Clusters at work so you can see what I see everywhere. This video teaches you all about approach cues and how you are rejecting women daily. Attraction Clusters are Everywhere! Feedback is always encouraged. Enjoy!
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Does She Like Me? E7 – Eye Contact

This goes over making eye contact and reading attraction through Eye contact.

Does She Like Me? E6 – The Natural Courtship Process

This episode goes over the Natural Courtship Process: Anthropologist David Givens, Biologist Timothy Perper, and Zoologogist Desmond Morris.

Does She Like Me? E5 – Arousal

This Episode goes over everything you need to know about arousal not necessarily just sexual arousal!