Hey Guys,

I am Victor, a resident body language specialist. I started out a kid with game but no escalation skills, I could attract women but I certainly couldn’t capitalize. To me the worst part was that I had no clue how or when women did become attracted to me, even if I did I had no clue what to do about it. Could you imagine missing out on dozens of opportunities simply because you’re clueless? I’d bet money you’ve already missed a few opportunities with your own bliss we call ignorance.

One day I was with a friend and his wife, she looks over at me and says you know “Bla Bla” was giving you interest eyes. I looked at her in total confusion, “What??? What are interest eyes?” She said “when a woman is interested in you she looks at you in certain way.” She still seen I look confused, and she goes “Do you get stuck in the friend zone a lot?” The answer was “Every time.” She pulled me inside and had me watch the show The Pick Up Artist. I went online to read some of the stuff, signed up for a forum, I checked out the routines but my individuality and being myself were the most important to me.

One thing I realize when I fell into body language is attraction wasn’t my issue, reading it and escalating sexually were. Nonverbal behaviors were my issue, and I fell in love with the study of body language. It’s an intriguing science that has an art twist to it. Once I realized how many women were attracted to me, and added some more consistent attractive behaviors I was saying no to sex more than yes. I did need to improve my confidence (inner game) as well. Confidence is one of the most attractive features a man can have. Not getting many or any women can certainly lower your own perception of yourself (confidence).

Been in the game for a while now, and while I’m not the most talented pick up artist on the site -I don’t refer to myself as a pick up artist- I am very skilled with building attraction, comfort/connecting, and escalating sexually.

-My concepts involve landing a higher percentage of my approaches in a far more natural way(indirect) which means landing 8 and 9 out of 10, this doesn’t mean you can get every woman you go after. With the right tactics you understand which women are easier to go after. I mean which ones are down to fuck, and which ones are initially attracted.

-My game centers on the on courtship studies, which means I’ve gained my tactics from reading studies, watching documentaries, and on watching others in the courtship process as well as my own personal experiences (A wise man learns from his own mistakes a wiser man from the mistakes of others). My style isn’t based on just my own experiences but thousands of attempted/successful courtship observations.

-My process is simple: Be/ Become Attractive, Comfort/Build a Connection, and Sexual Escalation. All of my process is based on reading body language. In order for you to get women you need to learn and send the right signals at the right time. It’s not about saying just the right thing it’s about saying it in the right way at the right time. I follow the response curve of a woman and thus get to sex with as much ease as possible. Offering to take them home and they asking to go to my house is more my style (very important to build STRONG sexual tension for this tactic).

-My goal is not to teach you to be me, but to be the best you so you can get more of the women you want (no man can get every woman, only a liar would say such a thing). You would learn to be more attractive (body language, charisma, and social skills wise), rapport tactics (not just for courtship but for everything, sales, interviewing, just building relationships), and sexual escalation (building sexual tension and seduction).

Thank You

Victor M Paz Jr.

The range of my studies on body language include: Facial Expression (reading and understanding emotions: microexpressions), Body Language Gestures, Lie Detection, Comfort vs. Discomfort, Poker tells (yes played and studied poker books), Nonverbal Natural Courtship Process (a natural pick up), Courtship(reading attraction), Interviewing, Speeches, Charisma, Confident Attractive Body Language (Alpha), Nonverbal Escalation, Nonverbal Sexual Tension Building. I’ve also spent countless hours observing as well as experiencing the courtship process.

If you’d like a taste of my body language knowledge you can check out my youtube shows on Alpha Body Language and “Does She Like Me?” The focus of those shows are sending and receiving attraction signals.

My studies are not limited to body language but also include: Charisma, Confidence(Inner Game), Becoming Attractive, Stress, Evolution(relates to body language, sexual choice, attraction), NLP and Hypnosis(very limited), Sex(anatomy, NLP for anchored orgasms, learning to please a woman, performing oral sex, sexual, performance, etc.), Seduction, Courtship, Understanding women (psychologically and physically), Personality motivators, and reading people.

If you’d like to ask any questions email me at victor@thescienceofnaturalgame.com

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