Hey Guys,

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, I’ve had some episodes sitting on my hard drive for a minute and even have more I need to edit, but we’ll be be back on track here in no time and I’ll be getting another 25 or so episodes out to you guys over the next few months as long as I can keep up…. I have been doing a side project on Self-confidence and I finally got it finished! Sorry for taking so long…. but without favor adieu ..

This is Episode number 32 of the Does She Like Me? Show. Day number 20 of the the 30 Days of Attraction series.

Full attention- When a girl is really into and I mean really into you she is going to go ahead stare. When you talk nothing else will exist. She’ll give you her full attention. This is day 20 of 30 days of attraction from the show Does She Like Me? (Episode 32)

Thank you guys for your support the traffic to this site has grown even without me adding any videos.

Peace and Love,


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Tired of the lies your political party tells us...

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